Ill Bethisad is a constructed world shared between numerous participants.  While we strive for believability and often mirror Real World events in the world of IB, it remains a construct, a work of fiction.  The resemblance of any events, people or places with events, people or places in the primary reality may or may not be coincidental.

Turkestan in particular is a construct based on alternate outcomes to certain Real World happenings, and does not always reflect my personal view of "The Way it Ought to Be".

Also, Ill Bethisad is a collaborative project.  All work on any part of it is in large part a collective endeavour, and Turkestan is in no way exempt from this truth.  All of the work I have done since I took on the task of fleshing out the Terra Incognita of Turkestan has built on the excellent work of those giants of IB who have been before me.

Jan van Steenbergen in particular is to be thanked for coming up with the original map of Turkestan which I took and adapted, and parts of his work on Russia directly shaped the development of Central Asia and Turkestan.  Those who have developed places like Persia and the Moghul National Realm have also impacted the direction Turkestan has taken, and deserve my sincere thanks as well.