About Ill Bethisad

Ill Bethisad is a collaborative world-creation project, which originated in the Romano-Celtic language Brithenig conceived by Andrew Smith.  Thus, all that is in this website owes its existence to the wonderful work of those who have been part of the project for longer than I.
Below are some links to other parts of the world of Ill Bethisad (IB), in which can be found much better descriptions of the project than this one.

Ill Bethisad in general
  • www.bethisad.com - Home page of Ill Bethisad and its first nation, Kemr.
  • ib.frath.net - The Ill Bethisad Wiki.  Repository of all knowledge not currently elsewhere, as well as a lot that is.  A good place to get lost in the exploration of our growing parallel reality.
  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/conculture/messages - The Conculture group.  Meeting-point, discussion forum and point of first contact.  Not an exclusively IB forum; if you're into created cultures in any shape or form, you might want to check it out.
  • http://marcpasquin.iquebec.com/ib-vex-index.html - Cambrian Royal Institute for the Study of Banners.  Database of IB flags.  Not fully exhaustive, but authoritative for those that are there.

Individual nations and regions of IB