Her Majesty Queen Gohar IV of the Moghul National Realm arrived today at Ibrahım Enver International Aerodrome to begin a 9-day state visit to Turkestan.

Her personal airship "Moghul One" touched down this afternoon to be met by a full honour guard of Wind Rider ceremonial troops from all six Provinces of Turkestan.  The Tajik contingent was in the forefront, as is appropriate given the close linguistic links between the Tajik and Moghul languages, flanked by the Kırğız and Üzbek contingents.

Sultan Ilxan and Nuraslan Keņesbaşı were both present to welcome the ruler of the Moghul National Realm, and following the official ceremonies of welcome, Her Majesty was escorted away through the streets of Buxara to a full state dinner at the Ilxan's Palace.

Later in her visit, the Queen and the Ilxan are expected to sit down for some face-to-face diplomatic discussions, including, if sources close to the Ilxan are to be believed, the possibility of the MNR's shipbuilding industry building the replacement for the "Turkestan", the aging flagship
of the Turkestani Guards' Mazandaran naval flotilla.
With both the Ilxan Sultan Qasım-ulı and the Keņesbaşı Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı unable to attend the funeral of the late Pope John XXIII, Turkestan was nonetheless unwilling to remain unrepresented at such a great and solemn event.

In one of her first outings abroad in such a role, the Ilxan's daughter Läylä Sultan-qızı headed the Turkestani delegation to Rome.  She and her delegation will remain in the city for both the funeral and the Conclave, after which most of the political delegation will return to Buxara.  Läylä and her husband Muşır Davud-ulı, however, will remain in Rome through the Christmas period.