The Turkestani military

An overview

'Battle Flag' flown by the armed forces
The military of Turkestan is a professional, all-volunteer body composed of three separate armed services: the Army, the Guards and the Air Force.  Turkestani tactical doctrine and battle planning typically calls for close coordination between the three services, and this, together with the unified ranking system shared by all three services, leads some analysts to categorise the Turkestani military as a unitary armed service with three major divisions.

The Army is the senior armed service, and according to standard Turkestani military doctrine, it is a highly mobile, mechanised force.  Its ethos and modus operandi descend from the style of warfare practised by the ancient steppe nomads.
The Guards are the second military service, and in their ethos and mandate they are almost exactly opposite to the Army.  The Guards are optimised for defensive operations; they are a more generally static service specialising in point defence, area defence and border patrols.
The Air Force is the third of the Turkestani armed services.  Their role is mostly to support Army and Guards operations, whether through strategic or tactical air transport, close support, reconnaissance or air superiority.