Postal Services

Logo of the Yam
Letters and packages can be mailed nationally or internationally via the Yam, or Turkestani Post Office.  Its name is taken from the ancient dispatch rider network created by Çıņğıs Xan (Genghis Khan) and utilised in his Turko-Mongol empire.

A similar system was used much later during the Basmaçı Revolt as a means of communication between the various Basmaçı groups, especially with Ibrahım Enver coordinating the rebels.  This system used mostly Qazaq and Turcoman dispatch riders due to their prowess in horsemanship, and it was this system that formed the basis of the postal system that is still in use in Turkestan to this day.

Postal delivery trucks and special mail coaches on the railways are painted the signature yellow colour of the Turkestani Yam, and may use military priority on Central Asian Great Roads in Turkestan.
Public post boxes are also painted yellow, and can be found on many street corners.  They are easily identifiable not only by their yellow colour but by their four-sided construction with an arched roof over the top, and by the Yam's running-horse logo emblazoned on the side.

Post-Snorist revelations about the extent of the company's cooperation with government domestic espionage programs have left the company with a stained reputation in Turkestan, but the Yam appears to be making a concerted effort to clean up its image and reinvent itself as the professional organisation it started out life as.  And as some commentators have pointed out, it was extremely difficult not to cooperate with the EBÜK regime.