Ranking and Insignia

The three Turkestani armed services share a unified ranking system which is the same in all three forces.  This occasionally has slightly strange consequences, for example, Turkestan is possibly the only country in the world in which a Lieutenant-Colonel equivalent might find himself in command of a naval vessel.  The Turkestanis claim that the unified ranking system helps to foster a sense of interservice unity.

Table of Ranks:

Flag Ranks English Equivalent Russian Equivalent
Tarxan Field Marshal Маршал
Sardar General Генерал
Sardar-Beğ Lieutenant-General Генералполковник
Sardar-Maıor Major-General Генералмайор
Qolbaşı Brigadier Генераллейтнант
Commissioned Ranks English Equivalent Russian Equivalent
Miņbaşı Colonel Полковник
Beğ Lieutenant-Colonel Подполковник
Maıor Major Майор
Jüzbaşı Captain Капитан
Livten Lieutenant Лейтнант
Warrant Ranks English Equivalent Russian Equivalent
Baş Varançı Warrant Officer 1st Class Старший Прапорщик
(Senior Warrant Officer)
Ağa Varançı Warrant Officer 2nd Class Прапорщик
(Warrant Officer)
Varançı Warrant Officer 3rd Class Младший Прапорщик
(Junior Warrant Officer)
Qanat Varançı Warrant Officer 4th Class Подпрапорщик
(Under-Warrant Officer)
Non-Commissioned Ranks English Equivalent Russian Equivalent
Baıraqçı Sergeant-Major Старшина
Ağa Onbaşı Master Sergeant Старший Сержант
(Senior Sergeant)
Onbaşı Sergeant Сержант
Ataman Corporal Младший Сержант
(Junior Sergeant)
Çabarman Lance-Corporal Eфрейтор
Äskär Private Pядовой

Rank Badges and other Insignia: