SpaceOrg (Ğarç Uyumı)

The Space Organisation (InterTurkic: Ğarç Uyumı; Russian: Космийческая Организация) is a partnership between national space agencies, technology firms, financiers and amateur space enthusiasts, dedicated to the exploration of space.  It includes members from Turkestan, the Russian Republic of Qazaqstan, from Persia and from the Moghul National Realm, and despite its later start is becoming a serious contender in the race for space.  The Organisation has already launched more than one orbital satellite, and its first manned mission is in planning, slated for late 2009, Central Asian Calendar (early 2010 Gregorian).

Founded in 2005 in a flurry of popular enthusiasm for spaceflight following the successful launch and recovery of cosmonauts by the Louisiannan-Japanese joint space agency, the Organisation was able to attract an impressive array of members and supporters, including financial backing for its programs from Persian and Qazaqstani (RRQ) financiers and technical expertise from Turkestani aerospace company Märgän Arms.


The Indian Ocean coast of the MNR's southerly latitude made it a better location for the development of a cosmodrome than almost everywhere else in the catchment area of the Space Organisation.  In 2006, Queen Gohar IV's government offered the decommissioned Ormara Combined Naval/Air Force Base to be developed into SpaceOrg's main launch facility.  The former military base was reopened in 2008 as the Talar-i-Band Cosmodrome, and has been the launch site for every SpaceOrg mission to date.  The MNR has also converted two of its marine survey vessels to serve as mobile radar tracking stations.

Launch Vehicles

Ğarç Uyumı has three main launch systems: two currently in operation, and a third still in development.  The two operational launch systems have been developed from two different rockets of Märgän Arms' Aldaspan family of long- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles.  Rumours persist of a fourth system, possibly involving the Märgän Arms T-12 Aruvaq rocketplane, but these are denied by SpaceOrg spokespeople.
The three systems are described in detail in the following links: