Province of Üzbekistan

Flag of √úzbekistan
Üzbekistan is not the largest of the six provinces of Turkestan, but it is the most populous, and the Üzbek people make up a large proportion of the population of the country.  In terms of global population, the Qazaq people-group actually outnumber the Üzbeks, but their population is divided between their eponymous province, the Russian Republic of the same name, and minorities in Mongolia, Russia proper and Uyguristan.  The Üzbek population is fairly well concentrated in Üzbekistan Province, with smaller numbers in the other Provinces of Turkestan.


Provincial capital:      Buxara
Other major cities:    Qoqand, Xıva, Andıjan, Boxan, Tärmäz, Marğılan, Taşqand