Snorism: An overview

Emblem of the SNOR of Russia
"Snorism" is an umbrella term for a number of distinct but similar political ideologies of the world of Ill Bethisad.  The "ism" takes its name from the SNOR (СНОР - Союз Народного Обновления России - "Union for the National Renewal of Russia") regime of Russia, put into place by the ruling White forces that defeated the Communists in 1918.  The SNOR of Russia was a strongly Russian-nationalist ideology portraying Russia as the victim of Western nations that had robbed her of her true wealth, and set about to restore that wealth and glory.  Russia, in Snorist propganda, was God's appointed regent upon earth, and she and her fellow Slavic peoples were destined for greatness and rule (always with the "pure Slavic" Russian people in the lead, of course).

Non-Slavic minorities were often ruthlessly suppressed, and non-Orthodox religious minorities, including other branches of Christianity such as the Assyrian Church, were persecuted and discriminated against.  Communism was banned, and anti-Communist indoctrination was practised at many levels, from schools to workplace ideological lessons to mass media.
As the SNOR extended its influence beyond the Slavic world after the Second Great War, penetrating and taking over non-Slavic nations such as Latvia, the Romanias, Turkestan and Uyguristan, some changes were made in the basic Snorist ideology to accommodate the local situation.

Emblem of the Turkestani Snorist regime
Wherever possible, the Snorist Russian conquerors liked to set up Russian or Slavic minorities as the rulers of the new states.  This was not always possible however, and in many cases the Snorist regime was merely a military junta without any clear ideology beyond support for Russia and its policies.  In Turkestan, a non-ethnically-based nationalist agenda was set in place, in which the differences between the six "majority peoples", the Üzbeks, Qazaqs, Kırğız, Tajiks, Türkümäns and Qaraqalpaqs, were denied and minimised, and other ethnic minorities, except for the Russians, were persecuted.

The SNOR and its subsidiary regimes in the surrounding states were dismantled between 1989 and 1991.