In Ill Bethisad, dirigible airships, not aeroplanes, are the core form of aviation technology, and are used for many roles in which the primary world would use an aeroplane or a helicopter.
The unwary traveller or observer from this reality should not think that historical examples of Zeppelins from the 1920s and 1930s represent the current level of lighter-than-air technology in Ill Bethisad, however.  The traveller should be aware that in that reality, aeroplanes are something of a marginal technology (like airships and balloons here), and all of the technological development focus and refinement has been on lighter-than-air craft.  Recent developments in lighter-than-air craft such as aeroscrafts and the like are almost certainly old news in IB, and we have no direct equivalents of some of their current top-of-the-line craft.  On the other hand, aeroplane technology has lagged behind its development in the primary world, and jets are a relatively new introduction.
The military is a partial exception to this general focus on lighter-than-air technology.  Even with the demonstrated superiority of dirigibles, there are certain military applications which use aeroplanes, for example, air superiority and close support of ground operations.  Very many applications are the more common dirigible-type technology, though, especially heavy transport, fighter carrier and paratrooper drop-ship types.  There are also some smaller, faster airships that specialise in fast insertion of special-forces types, and various other kinds of lighter-than-air, lifting-gas-assisted or neutral-buoyancy craft.
These, then, are some of the various classes of airship currently in use by the Turkestani Air Force: