Flags of minority groups

Many of Turkestan's minority groups use special flags to denote their particular ethnic group as well as demonstrate their status as Turkestani citizens.  These are some of them:

Special flags used by Turkestani minorities

Row 1: Council of Russian Turkestanis / Turkestani Azeris / Han Chinese of Turkestan
Row 2: Kalmyks of Turkestan / Flag of the Assyrian people / Flag of the Tsigani
Row 3: Turkish-Turkestani Friendship Assoc. / Persian-Turkestani Cooperation Society / Loyal Uygur minority

Foreign national flags used by minorities

Row 1: Russian flag (current) / Russian flag (SNOR era) / Flag of Persia
Row 2: Flag of Uyguristan / Flag of Tibetan government-in-exile / Flag of Tibet
Row 3: Flag of Mongolia / Flag of Kalmykia / Flag of Tocharstan