World Nations

An incomplete list of what may be some of the most influential and powerful states of Ill Bethisad.  The list is in no particular order and is intended as a "rough guide" to some of the wider world of IB:  see also the Links Page in "About Ill Bethisad".

North American League

Flag of the NAL
One of the largest states of Ill Bethisad, the North American League (generally abbreviated to NAL) is a covenantal alliance of provinces which individually were either native polities or owed allegiance to the Kemrese, Scottish, English or Scandinavian crowns.  The slightly confusing result of this is a nation which is a delicate balance of various powers, basically independent of any of them.  The NAL is one of the world's powerhouses, though its reach and influence are quite severely curtailed when compared to its counterpart in the primary world, the United States.

Federated Kingdoms

Flag of the FK
Less a single nation than a loose collective of three, the Federated Kingdoms (Kemr, Scotland and England) are independent, but linked, with foreign policies that run more or less in step.  Despite the large cultural, linguistic and political differences between the three nations, it can be convenient to consider them as a unit.  As a unit, they are the foremost states of the powerful Commonwealth of Nations, and have reciprocal colonies all over the place from China to Africa to the New World.

Empire of Japan

Flag of the Japanese Empire
The Empire of Japan seems to be a monarchy in federal form:  four semi-independent states each owing fealty to the Emperor as Head:  Yamato, Corea, Luquiu and Ezo.  The Japan of Ill Bethisad is thus much larger than that of the primary world, including  both Koreas, a swath of what is here Russia, and possibly parts of Manchuria.  It is also a major power both regionally around the Pacific and in the wider world.   As people have found out with Kudzu, take anything out of Japan and it will try to take over.

Scandinavian Realm

Flag of the SR
Scandinavia in Ill Bethisad is a unitary monarchy with large numbers of colonial territories that seem to be integrated fairly thoroughly into its political system.  It is possible that the Scandinavian Realm (generally abbreviated to "SR") is the most extensive colonising nation in Ill Bethisad.  What is more, the SR was the second nation to deploy a jet fighter (the famous SAAS Dragen) and are currently sending people into space, and if that isn't scary enough, they are the descendents of the Vikings.  Don't mess with these guys.


Flag of Louisianne
A Francophone, Mormon-dominated, honest-to-goodness Republic in a world dominated by federal kingdoms and constitutional monarchies, Louisianne is the oddball of Ill Bethisad.  "Proud to be Bizarre" should probably be their slogan; they are even crazy enough to use metric!  They have gained considerable prestige through their space alliance with the Empire of Japan, but the world still remembers Louisianne as unbelievably corrupt and decadent.  All in all, they are probably a regional power rather than a global one.


Flag of Dalmatia
This smaller, formerly Communist state is nevertheless one of the more influential states in Ill Bethisad.  The Dalmatian-led Confederation of Soviet Danubian States (CSDS) was the main exporter of world Communism in Ill Bethisad, and despite their smallness, they maintain a level of military spending that most nations over twice their size cannot match.  Their aviation technology is at the cutting edge; they were the first nation to develop jet aircraft and they have kept much of their original lead in this field, despite (or perhaps because of) a reputation in the world for killing mor test pilots per capita than anyone else.