Investigations by the State Police of Turkestan (TMM) into the allegations of governmental corruption appear to have unearthed a rats' nest, and as yet, no-one has any idea where it will all end.
Operatives of TMM's Corruption and Fraud division began the investigation in December of last year, after allegations that Governor Sopu Bek's provincial anti-corruption watchdog was falsifying evidence in a corporate corruption case.  Details of this high-level investigation were leaked in March, prompting an angry public response.  Protests and calls for the Governor's resignation became calls for his impeachment after further details emerged suggesting that he had known about this and turned a blind eye.
The resignation of Governor Sopu Bek of Kırğızstan earlier this month, rather than closing the investigation, seems only to have broadened its scope.  The State Police are now questioning Junior Minister of Justice Botagöz Timür-qızı (Progressive- Jılalabat), Liberal Alliance transport spokesman Joçı Käriim Bek-ulı (Liberal- Bişkek), and Minister of Energy Nurtaı Aleksandrov (Progressive- Bayqoņır) as part of their ongoing investigations.
The offices of the Keņesçis in question deny that the fact that they are being questioned necessarily means that they are guilty, though suspicion continues to rise among the general public.
"At the moment, no charges have been brought against any of the three members of the Kenges in question," said TMM departmental chief Älim Enver-ulı Qorbaşı, who is heading up the investigation.  "Given the sensitive nature of any investigation of a sitting political figure, it would be wise for the public not to make any presumptions of guilt."
Wise, perhaps, but already the rumour factory is working overtime.
"We welcome the proactive stance taken by the State Police in this investigation," the spokesman for the Campaign for Ethical Government told Haqayat News.  "The elected members of the Keņes must be held to account, no matter the damage to parties and reputations.  The alternative – damage to the nation itself – is far worse."
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